Male nudity in film


Note: this list is based on films I happen to have in my DVD collection and is inevitably incomplete.  Any additions, contributions or corrections will be gratefully received at

For almost encyclopaedic collections of stills and extracts of male nudity in non-porn films, I highly recommend two blogs, nudialcinema and nusaucinema

100 Days Before the Command

Lots of individual and group male nudity, semi-homoeroticised – soldiers taking baths together and washing each other, one soldier imprisoned nude in a cell, a watch-duty officer who reports naked to his commander, and a scene where one soldier pisses over another lying in bed.

1900 – Novocento (Bernardo Bertolucci)

Gérald Depardieu and Robert de Niro both get naked, and de Niro’s erection is briefly visible.  The child actor who plays Depardieu’s character as a boy is also shown with an erection.  One of several films by Bertolucci featuring nudity.

24 Heures de la vie d’une femme (Laurent Bouhnik)

Bruno Slagmulder, who only has a small role, is briefly seen frontally nude.  Also an implied masturbation scene with Clément van den Bergh.

8 ½ Women (Peter Greenaway)

Frontal father-son scene with John Standing and Matthew Delamere, who compare and discuss their penises.

Amants criminels (Les) (François Ozon)

Frontal shower scene featuring Salim Kechiouche, who has appeared nude in several films.  Sex scene with Jérémy Rénier only shows him from behind.

American History X

Edward Norton’s cock in the shower.

Angels and Insects

Film about brother-sister incest; in one scene the character who has just been fucking his sister is seen with his penis still semi-erect.


Several scenes of explicit sex with erect and semi-erect penises visible.


Lots of nudity, no real sex.

Black Angel

Gabriel Garko is seen full-frontal on the beach, and in a sex scene from behind.

Box of Moonlight

Non-sexual, but the cute hippy character is seen diving and swimming nude.

Bully (Larry Clark)

Lots of sex scenes, but just short of full-frontal male nudity.

Chacun sa nuit

Plenty of frontal nudity.

Chansons d’amour (Les) (Christophe Honoré)

A fair amount of nudity, but no full-frontal scenes.

Child I Never Was (The)

The camera crops just short of the penis.

Cielo Dividido (El)

Dreamy and artistic, there is only a little frontal nudity.

Clan (Le) (Gaël Morel)

Includes a scene where the camera pans slowly over the three brothers sleeping nude.  Full frontal.

Cook, the Thief, his Wife and Her Lover (The) (Peter Greenaway)

Like most of Greenaway’s films, includes considerable amounts of frontal male nudity.

Dans Paris (Christophe Honoré)

Louis Garrel’s character is fully nude when his father disturbs him in bed.


Includes nudity, erections and unsimulated sex and masturbation.

Douches froides

Frontal nudity in the showers.

Dreamers (The) (Bernardo Bertolucci)

Louis Garrel and Michael Pitt both appear fully nude, and Michael Pitt with a semi-erection.

Drôle de Félix

Brief moment of outdoor frontal nudity.

Du poil sous les roses

Lots of nudity, though none of it fully frontal.


Peter Firth appears fully nude in two long scenes.


Romain Duris appears full-frontal at the beginning.

Fruit Machine (The)

A little underwater nudity.

Glory Hole

A short film with nudity and unsimulated erections.

Grande école

Lots of frontal nudity in the showers, and Salim Kechiouche in a langorous gay sex scene.

Histoire de Richard O (L’)

Mathieu Amalric appears nude, with an erection, masturbating and having sex.

Je t’aime, moi non plus

Joe Dallesandro in the nude

Ken Park (Larry Clark)

The producers claimed the sex was simulated, but James Ransone’s masturbation and ejaculation are authentic.

Libertin (Le)

Vincent Perez spends a lot of time frontally nude.

Ma mère (Christophe Honoré)

Louis Garrel fully nude, and simulated masturbation and sex scenes.

Non ma fille tu n’iras pas danser (Christophe Honoré)

One character briefly appears frontally nude.

Pillow Book (The) (Peter Greenaway)

Ewan MacGregor and other actors in several frontal nude scenes.

Pola X

Some frontal nudity and an unsimulated sex scene apparently done by body-doubles.

Pornographe (Le)

The porn actor Titoff fucks, gets blown and ejaculates.

Q (Laurent Bouhnik)

Two scenes of fellatio, one of masturbation, all unsimulated and heterosexual.

Reader (The)

The main character is frontally nude when he gets out of the bath.

Salo (Pasolini)

Many scenes of frontal nudity.


Several scenes of unsimulated sex, including auto-fellatio to ejaculation, masturbation and a threesome with erections.

Son de mar

A brief scene including frontal nudity.

Son frère

Another very brief full-frontal scene.

Souffle (Le) (Damien Odoul)

Pierre-Louis Bonnetblanc shown fully nude in two scenes.


Jonathan Rhys-Meyers briefly full-frontal.

Textiles (Les)

Lots of mainly anonymous frontal nudity.

Valseuses (Les)

Gérard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere both full-frontal.

X2000 (shorts/courts-métrages) (François Ozon)

Bruno Slagmulder and other actors full-frontal.

Young Adam

Ewan MacGregor fully nude.

Zed and Two Noughts (A) (Peter Greenaway)

Twin brothers lying fully nude outdoors.