No. 83, Uncut Men—Natural, Unaltered (our September Theme): The beauty of male in all his glory!


Standing proud


We celebrate the beauty of men on this blog—cut or uncut, but think this an important question not so much for ourselves (we already are who we are, cut or uncut), but for our sons or the sons of our brothers and sisters. Virtually everyone agrees (at least in cultures that consider themselves modern) that girls or women should not be cut—a barbaric procedure that victimizes those who have it done to them.  Can’t we turn the spotlight on our own cultural practices that affect boys and men—or do the same cultural lenses blind us from even seeing this as a legitimate question?

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See also our brother blogger’s site: for strong arguments against male circumcision.  The underlying human rights challenge is whether such decisions are left to parents or other authorities or whether the decision should be left to individuals themselves when they are of age and thus knowledgeable and independent enough to choose for themselves—18? 21?