Kieran O’Brien’s orgasm in Michael Winterbottom’s film Nine Songs - he is supposedly the only British actor ever to have been shown ejaculating in a mainstream movie.  He was proud of his work, but the actress subsequently asked not to be named in interviews.  Here are his comments from a Daily Telegraph interview with Hugh Davies: 

"People who say they find it offensive are liars. If they say they find it shocking, I don’t believe them. It’s only sex. To me they were just scenes we were shooting, to be honest, and I was surprised how ordinary and how natural it was. But it’s a different thing for a girl than it is for a lad. I didn’t fancy her—I felt protective towards her. On set she was the only woman with a crew of four lads. I know how difficult it was for her. You can’t get away from the fact she’s a young girl."


9 songs

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