I was amazed when I first saw this pic on sillydicks (where there’s lots of funny/amazing/sick stuff) - so I checked out diphallia  or diphallus and it turns out it affects 1 in 5,000,000 men (i.e. a few hundred in the whole world).  The case which struck me most was that of “Diphallus in a fourteen-year-old boy”, a brief case study written up apparently by a surgeon, which contains the comment “normal erection was observed…”  Now HOW exactly does a doctor observe “normal erection” in a fourteen-year-old boy?  By asking him to masturbate in front of him?  By injecting something in his penis to give him a boner?  By sneaking up to his bed when he is asleep and dreaming and lifting up the covers?  We need to know!!  This pic is of course a fake - in genuine cases of diphallus there are generally a variety of other malformations - but it’s pretty as well as being bizarrely sexy.


Diphallia is a rare medical condition in which a male infant is born with two penises…amateur submit from “the best of” Photoshop”